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About MIRAIing

Globalization / Technology Advancement, SDGs / Climate Change / Sustainability.

As the world changes at an accelerating pace with increasing uncertainty, society needs leaders who can play an active role globally and create a better future.


However, leaders are overwhelmingly insufficient in the world today.

MIRAIing provides the learning opportunities necessary for the next generation to become global leaders. Now, right this moment, we will make a leading path to a bright future.


​Junior and Senior High School Students - TOPPA!!

By tackling advanced input / output opportunities that are difficult to obtain at school, we will effectively and efficiently develop the ability to create the future necessary to become a leader who is active globally.

To junior and senior high school students and parents:


Program for College Students - TOPPA4U

Our program provides opportunities to tackle advanced input and output, which are one of the foundations of society, and helps achieve the ability that is necessary for university students to create the future to become more effective and efficient leaders who are active globally.

To college students and above


Services for Schools

To school officials: 

In the midst of major changes in today's society, we provide soft skill learning programs necessary for the next generation to become global leaders.


Services for Businesses

To companies: 

Together with companies, we will form a leader learning program for the next generation of students who will lead the future of the world.


MIRAIing's definition of a Leader

MIRAIing defines leaders as "those who have a vision and bring a positive impact on the world." And we think that change can be made through the following three factors.

  1. Independence: Think and move independently

  2. Collaborative skill: Involve the surroundings and create together

  3. Social perspective: Connect and solve the issues facing the community


Leaders are also defined in various ways in academia, and they change according to the context.


One thing that can be said for sure is that people who lead others are not the only leaders. Sometimes we also need a leader to support the team as an unsung hero.


Even in difficult situations, a person who can be aware of the problems that must be solved, work on problem solving by utilizing one's strengths in order to collaborate with others, and can move the hands of the clock forward with a good vector to make a positive impact on society is what we think a leader is, and is the person who will be required in the future society.

Past Achievements

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We receive high satisfaction by providing lectures to more than 400 junior and senior high school students

Latest News


University of Cambridge Official Website Published an Article about MIRAIing

Aug. 11, 2021

MIRAIing was featured in the article published by the University of Cambridge's official website "Cambridge MBA Stories".