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​About MIRAIing


MIRAIing provides the learning opportunities necessary for the next generation to become the future leaders. Now, right this moment, we will make a leading path to a bright future.


Our Services


​Junior and Senior High School Students - TOPPA!!

By tackling advanced input / output opportunities that are difficult to obtain at school, we will effectively and efficiently develop the ability to create the future necessary to become a leader who is active globally.

To junior and senior high school students


Program for College Students - TOPPA4U

Our program provides opportunities to tackle advanced input and output, which are one of the foundations of society, and helps achieve the ability that is necessary for university students to create the future to become more effective and efficient leaders who are active globally.

To college students and above


Services for Schools

To school officials

In the midst of major changes in today's society, we provide soft skill learning programs necessary for the next generation to become global leaders.


Services for Businesses

To companies

Together with companies, we will form a leader learning program for the next generation of students who will lead the future of the world.


Reasons to be chosen

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Acquire the mindset and skills required for the 21st century through lectures by leaders who are active on the front lines of the world.

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Become a leader with practical leadership experience by tackling actual social and business issues as a team.

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Participants from all over the world of the same generation with high awareness of problems.

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​Thorough support


Careful guidance and support from top corporate mentors.

Our Achievemen​ts

1,000 students
in an year


Partner Schools





MIRAIing's definition of a Leader

What do you imagine when you hear the word "leader?"

Do you imagine someone who is elite, has graduated from a prestigious university,  has joined a good company, and gives instructions from the top of the hierarchy?

MIRAIing opposes this image of the 20th century leader.

We believe that the leaders we need in the 21st century, with its many changes, are those who are willing to take on the challenges of solving problems that our society and communities face without having stereotypes or fears of failure.

We redefine a leader of the 21st century = "a challenger who designs and builds an ideal future without being bound by stereotypes or failures, and takes on the challenges of solving problems that societies and communities face."

We will strive to annually nurture 200,000 next-generation leaders around the globe.

MIRAIing is such a leader producing organization in the 21st century.


Dr. Jaideep Prabhu
University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Today we are entering an era of great uncertainty, and are faced with a whole host of complex problems that were previously unimaginable such as increasing inequality and climate change.

The human resources needed to flourish in such an era are unfortunately not being adequately served by conventional education and the school system, focused as they are on exam preparation and testing.

What is needed instead is learning by doing and real world application. I am convinced that young people today can learn a lot by repeatedly dealing with challenging social and business issues in teams. Such live application of learning can create the leaders needed for our contemporary world.

The TOPPA program offered by MIRAIing is such a program. It truly enables the creation of future leaders by fostering these real world skills of teamwork and problem solving. I sincerely hope that TOPPA reaches many of the next generation.


Past Achievements

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We receive high satisfaction by providing lectures to more than 1,000 junior and senior high school students

Latest News

Latest News


University of Cambridge Official Website Published an Article about MIRAIing

Aug. 11, 2021

MIRAIing was featured in the article published by the University of Cambridge's official website "Cambridge MBA Stories".

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