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About MIRAIing


Our Vision

Fill society with outstanding leaders and innovators who will change the world, and create a shining future, now, right this moment.

Our Mission

Contributing to the future as a top leader / innovator producing institution that incorporates world trends and technological advances, and always provide bold learning opportunities faster than anyone else.

Reasons to be chosen

Input: Acquire the mindset skills required for the 21st century through lectures by leaders who are active on the front lines of the world.

Output: Acquire practical leadership by tackling actual social and business issues as a team.

Practical English proficiency: Acquiring practical English proficiency through English-speaking group work

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English Tutor

Company A
Entry Fee $150
Monthly Fee $ 300

Japanese Money

Company B
Entry Fee $ 0
Monthly Fee $ 400

Entry Fee $ 0
Monthly Fee $150

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Excellent quality: Providing cutting-edge learning content based on the curriculum of top global schools such as Cambridge University

Thorough support: Careful guidance and support from top corporate mentors

Community: Participants from all over the world of the same generation with high awareness of problems

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Founder's Message

When I was in elementary school, I visited the developing world for the first time and was begged by a boy of the same age, and I dreamed of creating a world of equal opportunity.

After graduating from university, I sought to put that thought into shape through joining JICA, where I was in charge of infrastructure development and policy formulation on the scale of hundreds of billions of yen, and by using new robot technology through joining SoftBank Robotics.

In the end, I understood that infrastructure, policies, and technology are just tools, and it is important to develop leaders who will use those essential tools to build a bright future.

MIRAIing will produce as many global leaders as possible, right this moment, and contribute to the future.

Company Profile

Company Name

MIRAIing, Inc.


Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Established year

Feb, 2021

Founder & CEO

Kei Ikegami


Introduction of the Founder

 IKEGAMI KEI | CEO & Founder of MIRAIing

KEI Ikegami
CEO & Founder of MIRAIing

Kei worked for international corporation projects in the Middle East at Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and for the overseas expansion of AI robots at SoftBank. He also started to provide leader education and career education to more than 200 students whose learning opportunities were restricted due to the stay-at-home restrictions of the corona virus. In 2021, Kei established MIRAIing Inc. with the passion to nurture the next generation that will create the future. Kei holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Cambridge & Master of Public Policy from Kyoto University.

His hobbies are running, working out, tennis, and reading books and manga. He also completed the Shikoku pilgrimage route (or Shikoku Henro) by biking.

Voice of Partner Company

"Because I found my company in Israel to create value that reaches around the world, I sympathize with the MIRAIing's mission of and programs. I was inspired to see how the students were gathering, discussing, and growing together to acquire the leadership to become an active global leader. 

We look forward to co-creating value with the next generation of global leaders born from MIRAIing, who will take on social issues from a broad perspective. "

———— Ani Terada, Founder and CEO, Aniwo Ltd.

Latest News


University of Cambridge Official Website Published an Article about MIRAIing

Aug. 11, 2021

MIRAIing was featured in the article published by the University of Cambridge's official website "Cambridge MBA Stories".