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Program for College Students


What is ​"TOPPA4U" ?


TOPPA4U is a systematic leadership program for university students that focuses on high-quality input and output for three months based on the programs of top overseas graduate schools such as the University of Cambridge MBA.

In Japanese, "Toppa" means "Breakthrough".

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Group work in a team of about 5 people

About 3 months or intensive camp





Online (Zoom / Slack, etc.)

After completing the program, a digital certificate will be issued


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What we provide

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Project Based Learning (PBL) by 4-6 students from different countries/regions

Interactive lecture about practical mindset/ skills from the global business experts



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Become Future Leaders by acquring




MIRAIing's 21st Century Leader
Those unconstrained by stereotypes, create a vision of an ideal future, implement it, and make it a reality to build a better world.

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Problem Setting & Solving

Global &
Social Perspectives



Reasons to be chosen

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Acquire the mindset and skills required for the 21st century through lectures by leaders who are active on the front lines of the world.

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Become a leader with practical leadership experience by tackling actual social and business issues as a team.

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Participants from all over the world of the same generation with high awareness of problems.

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​Thorough support


Careful guidance and support from top corporate mentors.

Various Mentors/Lecturers

Kei Ikegami

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Kei worked for international corporation projects in the Middle East at Japan International Cooperation Agency and for the overseas expansion of AI robots at SoftBank.

In 2021, Kei established MIRAIing Inc. with the passion to nurture the next generation that will create the future.

He has provided leader education and career education to more than 1,000 students.

Kei holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Cambridge & Master of Public Policy from Kyoto University.

Lionel Paolella

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Lionel Paolella is a University Lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School, and an Affiliated Faculty at Harvard Law School (Center on Legal Profession).

He received the Cambridge Judge Teaching Award in 2017, the MBA Faculty of the Year Award in 2018, and he has been listed among the Best 40 under 40 Professors by Poets and Quants in 2019.

Ani Terada


In 2011, Ani was involved in the establishment of the Kyoto branch of Slogan, a leading HR agency in the startup industry in Japan.

After that, Ani worked as a marketer in the digital marketing division in Benesse Corporation, one of the world's leading education companies.

In 2014, moved to Israel and founded Aniwo, becoming the first Japanese entrepreneur to establish a company in Israel. Ani has extensive experience in innovation activities bridging Israel and Japan. Kyoto University, MBA.

Hiroki Maehara


After working at Bank of Japan for 7 years, recently joined a technology startup 10X,Inc. MBA from University of Pennsylvania Wharton school '21, BA of International Relation from University of Tokyo '14. Loves traveling and basketball.

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