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Can I participate even if I have never participated in extracurricular activities outside the school?

Yes, of course! We have a follow-up system with mentors in each team so that even those who are new to the activity can enjoy our program. Please feel free to contact us even outside of class.

How do I pay the membership fee?

Payment for the fee is required before the class starts. You can choose the payment method from Paypal, Stripe, and bank transfer.

Are there any costs other than the membership fee?

There are no additional costs to pay to MIRAIing. However, the following are required as environment settings for participating online. 1. PC (smartphones and tablets are not enough) 2. Comfortable Internet environment (line speed of 10 Mbps or higher is recommended for both uplink and downlink). 3. Installation of online meeting tool "Zoom" (free) 4. Speaker, microphone, webcam

There are some days during the program that I can't attend, but can I still participate?

On days classified as "lectures" in the program, even if you are absent, the recorded video is abailable so there is no problem. Group work will occur on the day of the "activity", so we would like you to participate without fail, but if you have any special circumstances, please contact us in advance and we will consider it.


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