Program for Junior and Senior High School Students


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What is TOPPA?

TOPPA!! is a systematic leadership program that focuses on high-quality inputs and outputs for three months based on programs from top overseas universities such as Cambridge University. In Japanese, "Toppa" means "Breakthrough".

Values provided by TOPPA

1. Mindset required for leaders: Leadership / Critical Thinking, etc. 
2. Soft skills that open up the future: Presentation skill, discussion skill, etc. 
3. Power to move people: Collaboration skill, management skill
4. Network that connects to the future: Domestic / overseas, working people 
5. Practical English skill
6. Issuance of program completion certificate (Digital)

Program Overview

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About 3 months or intensive camp

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Group work in a team of about 5 people

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Online (Zoom / Slack, etc.)

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After completing the program, a digital certificate will be issued

Latest Courses


September 2021

Global Leadership &
Social Innovation Course

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August 2021

TOPPA!! Camp (Japanese)

Various Mentors/Lecturers

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Kei Ikegami

Kei worked for international corporation projects in the Middle East at Japan International Cooperation Agency and for the overseas expansion of AI robots at SoftBank. He also started to provide leader education and career education to more than 200 students whose learning opportunities were restricted due to the stay-at-home restrictions of the corona virus. In 2021, Kei established MIRAIing Inc. with the passion to nurture the next generation that will create the future. Kei holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Cambridge & Master of Public Policy from Kyoto University.


Chris Coleridge

Senior Faculty at Cambridge Judge Business School and Founder of Carbon13, a Cambridge-based talent-first accelerator investing in talent who develop startups to attack carbon emissions. Chris was an entrepreneur as a young man in the 1990s, became an academic in entrepreneurship and strategy after exiting his business, and recently returned to the “practical” side of entrepreneurship alongside his continuing work in the University of Cambridge.


Prim Chuenchomlada

Prim is currently a manager in Thailand’s leading public policy consultant firm. She works closely with government agency clients with a shared goal to deliver real, tangible impact and make processes digitally seamless for the good of the public. In her academic pursuit, Prim graduated Bachelor of Business Administration from Chulalongkorn University with second-class honour and, after a stint of working in several industries, she joined the Master of Business Administration program at Cambridge Judge Business School.  Previously, Prim has worked at Accenture, her family business in gemstone trading, and creative industries.


Alex Tanahashi

Alex is supporting Nippon Investment Company's private equity investments by joining its portfolio company, Yukari Resort, a major resort hotel operator in Japan, as the CSO/CMO to execute its value creation plan.
Previously, Alex worked at McKinsey as a consultant and Waseda Academy as the lead of domestic and overseas business development. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley.

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Lionel Paolella

Lionel Paolella is a University Lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School, and an Affiliated Faculty at Harvard Law School. Lionel’s main line of research explores how market categories – a set of firms that share cognitive and cultural similarities – affect the social evaluation and performance of organisations, e.g. in the international legal services market or the Islamic banking industry. He received the MBA Faculty of the Year Award in 2018, and he has been listed among the Best 40 under 40 Professors by Poets and Quants in 2019.


Sayuri Kajiyama

Sayuri is Head of Product Management and Marketing at GeoSpock, one of Cambridge's hottest tech startups looking to transform how IoT and mobility data is analysed.
Previously, Sayuri has worked at Citigroup, Recruit, and Expedia in various roles, spanning many cities over the world including Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and Cambridge.
She has an MBA from Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge and a BS in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College in California.


Jaideep Prabhu

Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School. Jaideep is Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise and Director of the Centre for India & Global Business (CIGB). His research focuses on international business, marketing, strategy and innovation. Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing, Customer Needs and Solutions, and BMJ Innovations. He has consulted with or taught executives from a wide range of the global first class companies/organizations.


Tian Tan

Tian is a Senior Experience Designer at McKinsey. 7+ year experience in consulting and technology, Tian has a sharp focus on unlocking business and user value and creating ambitious and sustainable change through design thinking, digital product/ service design, and Leap (new business incubation and building). His work spans across technology, healthcare, mobility, and consumer industries. MBA from University of Cambridge.


Varun Boughram

A banker, turned healthcare entrepreneur, he is passioned to work with Startups and entrepreneurs to innovate. As an experienced professional with strategic, analytical and financial acumen, he has an MBA from University of Cambridge, Judge Business School. Currently, based in the UAE and heading strategy and business incubation at Fortes Education Group.


Hiroki Maehara

After working at Bank of Japan for 7 years, recently joined a technology startup 10X,Inc. MBA from University of Pennsylvania Wharton school '21, BA of International Relation from University of Tokyo '14. Loves traveling and basketball.

Voices of Participants & Parents

Parent's comment 1

 My daughter has been busy with her studies until now, so I wanted her to do whatever she wanted between the time she graduated from high school until she entered college. At TOPPA, you can experience things that you cannot learn at school, such as learning in lectures and putting them into practice in projects. My daughter is already learning things of what I learned when I first started working in a company. Of course, there are times when my daughter would regret that she didn't give enough consideration to the people around her during group work, and at times she would have difficulty communicating her feelings with her teammates, but I feel that she is blessed with friends who have similar interests, and with the help of her mentors she is able to fully and freely engage in her work. I think that the experience here will be very useful when she starts working as a part of society. ———— Malaysia, 3rd year of High school

Parent's comment 2: Yuka Imanishi
My son, who is in his 1st year of High school, participated in this program.
The necessary skills that students who will lead the future is not only acquired through reading textbooks, but also the accumulation of actually experiencing the mechanism of society from an early stage will lead to deeper learning. And TOPPA is a wonderful program that offers that opportunity.
I feel that my son was inspired by experiencing many things such as planning business models, discussing with teammates, and listening to the actual experiences of professionals. It was also an opportunity for my son to be more aware of his future vision.
My son and I are very grateful for this opportunity!

———— Tokyo, 1st year of High school


Parent's comment 3

I think that taking lectures and discussing with junior and senior high school students from all over Japan has broadened my son's horizons. Also, as he proceeded with the project as a team, he was initially a bit confused about how to use new tools and how to communicate with his team members, but soon he found out what he could do to contribute to the team, and began to actively engage in the program. My son usually doesn't talk a lot, but he started to ask us for advice, probably because he wanted to come up with a better idea in order to contribute to the team, so it was a fun experience for us parents and our children to discuss.

———— Tokyo, 2nd grade of Middle school

Participant's Comment 1

I think that the project has given me a very valuable experience in terms of creating a business from scratch and building teamwork. I am grateful that I got to receive a lot of great advice from the guest teachers, who all taught us in innovative and creative ways with all of their heart. They used games and role-plays to make the scene more realistic and learning more interesting. Their presentations were our role models when we presented our business models.
We also had to work entirely in English. It was tough, trying to communicate as it was a language many of us were not familiar with; we struggled to share ideas but the great mentors supported us. They gave us professional advice, was always there during coffee chats. I didn’t know how to lead the team, so Mr Kono gave me advice on motivating others. 
Finally, because we are all serious about solving society’s problems, we had to think deeply about what was expected of us and what was required to improve the situation. As we were constantly required to look to our values during the project,  I realised what was truly important to me. The experience will definitely help me in making choices in the future. 
Overall, I am extremely glad that I participated in this project, Thank you so much MIRAIing team!

———— Malaysia, 2nd grade of Middle school

Participant comment 2

Toppa is a place where you could do things that you couldn't usually learn or experience at school. At TOPPA, we have to propose a business from a state where we do not know anything about the person on the same team. During the activity, I was able to think a lot about how to get along with people I met for the first time, how to communicate well, and how to cooperate. I think that when we grow up, there are many circumstances where you meet people for the first time and solve problems together. Therefore, I think that this TOPPA program was a program that enables us to learn new knowledge, and help us progress one step closer towards working adults.

——— Saitama, 2nd grade of High school

Participant comment 3

Through TOPPA, I feel that I have taken the first step toward surviving an uncertain world as an international member of society. At the time when I participated, I was estranged from the business field, and while collaborating with my teammates, I often noticed how helpless I sometimes was. By making use of such subjective awareness and objective feedback from team members and managements, I feel that I have grown little by little with each lecture. Independent and practical learning that transcends the boundaries of fields is something that cannot be experienced in public education in Japan. I want to use this valuable experience not only for college life but also for my life.

——— Kagawa, 3rd year of High school


Participant comment 4

MIRAIing is a place that has given me great inspiration. I was hoping to go to an overseas university, and thought that I should get myself ready before starting university life, so I participated in this "TOPPA !!". By learning business strategies that are not taught at school, and learning from instructors who have various experiences and abilities required not only in universities but also in society, I was able to solve problems from a new perspective. Because the program was carried out over a long period of time, in this three months, I was not only able to engage with many peopl, but also realized my own new challenges. In addition to being taught in lectures, I feel that I was able to acquire the ability to actually use my knowledge and skill through group work during each lectures. I am convinced that my experience of learning with people who think alike will strongly improve my skills in the future.

——Hiroshima, 3rd year of High school

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